Nutrition Counselling

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Why Nutrition Counselling is Important

Pet parents are often confused regarding the proper diet routine for their pet. We often see pets suffer for want of proper nutritions or even from excess of nutritions, leading to obesity or malnutrition. Proper nutrition counselling is one of the most important elements of your pet's health.

Essential Elements of Nutrition Counselling

Diet Chart

Proper food intake guidelines, depending on your pet's age and breed

Proper Calorie Intake

How many calories does your pet ideally need

Feeding Routine

When is the right time to feed your pet

Right Diet Constituents

What to feed and what not to

Proper Nutrient Intake

What are the essential nutrients and minerals for your pet


We ensure that all our clients have access to the right nutritional counelling via our team of experts to maks sure your pets are healthy and happy.

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