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Catzz Senior


Package includes

  • 6x Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • 1x Vaccination ( Combined)
  • 1x Vaccination ( Anti Rabies )
  • 4x Deworming (2 Tab)
  • 1x Blood Test ( CBC )
  • 2x Dental Exam
  • 1x BloodChemistry
  • 1x Urine Test
  • 1x Anal Gland Cleaning
  • Nutrition Counselling


We believe that senior cats need more care than their younger counterparts. They have been our friend through all years and when they grow old it’s our turn to ensure that we give them the best of care. The Catzz Senior plan not only ensures that we visit your pet regularly, but also encompasses essential tests and advisory to ensure the best care for your best friend.


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